Safes and Vaults

Certified safes and vaults ranging from basic security to high-security protection against explosives and diamond core drills.

Burglar Resistant Safes

Protect your valuables with a range of security graded safes from Gunnebo.

Fire Resistant Safes / Cabinets

Certified safes and filing cabinets for the protection of documents and data from fire.

Deposit Safes

For the secure deposit of cash or valuables into a certified safe.

Vaults and Vault Doors

High-security vaults and vault doors certified to both local and international standards.

Modular Vaults

Certified vault rooms which can be built to requirement, either as a stand-alone structure or to secure an existing room.

Safe Deposit Lockers

Automated and mechanical safe deposit lockers.

ATM Protection

Gunnebo offers a unique and patented solution to protect your ATM against attacks using explosives.